Liliane Tomasko - Sense
Liliane Tomasko - Sense

Liliane Tomasko - Sense

Tomasko’s melancholic painting has become increasingly abstract as her career has progressed. At first still and subdued, her work has gradually amplified its subjects, zooming into the point where perception is stalled. Her works created 2008–2013 are characterised by soft-focus gatherings of ghostly forms,subjects painted from ‘inside out’. The works in Sense are both an acceleration of this idea and an important new departure from it. The sombre glow of her previous work has given way to a new muscularity and assertiveness. As critic Sue Hubbard points out, ‘these paintings illustrate a journey from harmony to dissonance, from silence to noise, from stillness to complexity’.

In this new, fluid abstraction, Tomasko allows us to get closer to the very essence of the material objects depicted: immersing us in the atoms of their fibres to reveal their ‘deeper reality and metaphorical resonance’.

Introduction by Sue Hubbard
All works by Liliane Tomasko
Designed by Tony Waddingham
Published by Kerlin Gallery on the occasion of the exhibition, 2016
Printed by Cassochrome, Brussels
Hardback: 64 pages, 225 x 270 x 15mm, 0.6kg
1st edition of 1,000 copies
ISBN: 978-0-9570070-6-2

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