Dorothy Cross - Crossing
Dorothy Cross - Crossing
Dorothy Cross - Crossing

Dorothy Cross - Crossing

Crossing by artist Dorothy Cross is a visual retrospective spanning over 35 years of her work as one of Ireland’s leading artists. The book includes a foreword by Edna O’Brien, essays by Philip Hoare, Doireann Ní Ghríofa and Declan Long. In hardback, and beautifully illustrated with over 125 photographs of the artist’s work, Crossing has an initial print run of 1,000 copies and is also available in a Limited Edition of 40 copies with a slipcase and an original signed print from the book. A Collectors Edition of 12 copies will also be available and will include a slipcase, an original signed print and a specially commissioned work by the artist entitled Mollusc cast in solid silver.

Crossing looks at the various strands that connect and weave their way through her career, from her earliest works in the ‘90s to her latest exhibition ‘Damascus Rose’ at the Frith Street Gallery, in London 2022.

“In some ways this book is about what is not here. The chosen works are extricated from the choreography of their first showing – selected from over thirty years of exhibitions where they held roles amongst a cast of characters. In this book, new relationships are formed by reimagining their original scenarios and allowing works that had formerly never met to cross paths. All works attempt to make sacred: from a walrus hair on a thimble to a meteorite nestling in the crown of a gilded human skull. Life and work are inextricable, both being an attempt to sing in outer space, knowing one can only imagine the sound.” -  Dorothy Cross.

Since 1983 Dorothy Cross has worked in sculpture, film, opera and photography and is represented by Kerlin Gallery, Dublin, and Frith Street Gallery, London.

She is the recipient of international awards and her work is housed in major collections both public and private worldwide. She has represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale, the Istanbul Biennale and the Liverpool Biennale. Well known works include Virgin Shroud (Tate Gallery, London, 1993), Ghostship (1999) a non permanent work where a decommissioned lightship was painted in phosphorescent paint and Shark Heart Submarine (Collection National Gallery of Ireland, 2011) where a model submarine sits cradled on a 19th century painter’s easel gilded in white gold with the heart of a shark hidden within.

Hardback, 256 pages, 245 x 320 x 15mm
, 2.3k 
1st edition of 1,000 copies
ISBN 978-1-8383143-3-0

First Edition of 1,000 - €60

Limited Edition of 40 with a beautifully finished slipcase and a signed print by the artist, especially commissioned for the book - €450

A Collectors Edition of 12 signed books in a slipcase, to include a signed print by the artist and a specially commissioned work entitled Mollusc cast in solid silver. Please contact for further information.

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